Wednesday, November 9, 2016

i have been wanting to go to this hospital for awhile now...

but life has been getting in the way
not enough time
or desire
or ambition,
too many bills
and requirements
too much responsibility...

i couldn't quite carve out the time
to make it here,
to much physical therapy
too much gluten free granola
and reverse osmosis water...

but i managed to pull myself from the back of the line
at whole foods (i do like that death by chocolate cake)
and.....blah blah blah
you get the fucking idea.

i went here.
i killed it.
i took a big shit
and now i'm home...

i'm not sure why i haven't seen this photo, from this place before?
i think this composition is/was the absolute best thing that i saw here;
wood doors
a wide hallway
barrel ceiling
dramatic light
no dick tags

i also hit a few churches, so i'll work on those files,


the walking man said...

Life often gets in the way Pappy. Until you see that life is the sum total of all and not little boxes of time.

justin said...