Sunday, January 1, 2017

just like last year

i'm going to spend some time shooting and talking about Delray.
with the new bridge coming
some of Delray will be forever changed...
growing up, we never really hung out over on this side of town
some of these streets, i don't think i've ever stepped foot on before?
this particular street, Reid, is right in the path of the new bridge
and whatever is left over here today...
will be gone pretty soon.

there are still a few occupied houses on Reid St.
it doesn't look like much,
but when you consider that; people grew up in these houses
and played on these streets
i think,
it's worth documenting...


the walking man said...

Hell yea it's worth documenting. When do they break ground for the bridge? Last i heard ol' Manny was still trying to screw the state.

justin said...

i think they're still a couple years from any real construction progress, but the demo and site prep is well under way...